About Us

History of Satsuki-Kai Inc.

Satsuki-Kai's presence in the Bay Area dates back to the times right after World War II, when major Japanese companies returned to San Francisco.  Upon arriving, Japanese wives who accompanied their husbands needed help communicating and developing a supportive network.  Fortunately, local members of the YW/YMCA assisted the Japanese wives in learning the English language and American customs.  The first official meeting was held in May 1957.  The group adopted the name “Satsuki-Kai”, as Satsuki is another name for the month of May in Japanese, and became affiliated with the YW/YMCA.

Satsuki-Kai, Inc. became an independent non-profit organization in 1971 with the wife of the Consul General serving as the Honorary President.  The organization still carries forward its original goals of promoting mutual understanding between Japanese women and women in the US, and friendship among members through various activities.  Satsuki-Kai is able to accomplish these goals by organizing outreach programs, cultural events, visits to senior centers, and collaborative events with other community organizations.

For a current and past list of events and activities, please visit What's New and Events.

Timeline of Important Events
1957          May          Founded
     1971                            Registered as NPO with the State of California
     1982          May         25th Anniversary
     1997                           40th Anniversary
                                         Received TIN Number from IRS
     2004         Aug          Received 10th Anniversary plaque from PARCA Reach
     2005         May          Awarded Certificates from Kimochi Inc., California Legislature, and
                                         The City & County of San Francisco
     2007         Oct           50th Anniversary Celebration