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May                 The 52nd Annual General Meeting
                          Participated in Hakone  Matsuri, Saratoga
Jun                  Lecture "Living with an Autistic Son"  by Ms.Yumi Kubo
Jul                   Helped Hidden Villa Summer Camp "Japan Day" , Los Altos Hills
Aug                 Helped Parca Summer Day Camp BBQ,     San Bruno
Sept                Website created by Mr.Sei Higuchi
                         Lecture& Demonstration "Japanese Archery" by Yoshiko Buchanan
Oct                  Participated in The4th Japan Festival, Millbrae
                         The 2nd Beaded Class "Christmas Ornament" led by Honorary President Mrs.Nagamine
Nov                 Workshop "Newspaper Corsage" led by Ms.Setsuko Taki
Dec                  Visited Kimochi Senior Home
Jan                  New Year's Party
                         Cultural Exchange Program "Kirie" by Ms.Satoshi Kunishima                                                                [Asian Art Museum]
Apr                  Helped Hidden Villa "50th Anniversary", Los Altos Hills