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May               The 56th Annual General Meeting
                        Participated Hakone Matsuri, Saratoga
Jun                Honorary President Mrs.Inomata Farewell Luncheon
Jul                 Lecture Handmade Scarves   by  Mrs.Mutsuko Muraoka
                                                                                          Mrs.Tomoe Kishida
Aug                Helped Parca Summer Day Camp BBQ , San Bruno
Oct                 Participated in The 8th japan Festival, Millbrae
Nov               Lecture Flower Arrangement  by  Mrs.Mayumi Miyata
Dec                 Participated Filoli Xmas Festival (Chorus group),  Woodside
                        Visited Kimochi Senior Home
Jan                 New Year's Party
Mar                Visited Hinamatsuri Celebration at Hamilton Senior Center, San Francisco
Apr                Cultural Exchange Program The Japanese and "One Hundred Classical Poems by One Hundred Celebrated Poets"
                                                                                     by Mr. Takao Itoh

2013 Annual Cultural Exchange Event     

The Lecture of  “ One Hundred Classical Poems by One-Hundred Celebrated Poets" by Mr. Takao Itoh

        Title:           The Japanese and "One Hundred Classical Poems by  One-Hundred Celebrated Poets”

        Lecturer:    Mr. Takao Itoh

        Place:          Hotel Kabuki   Imperial Ballroom  (Garden Level)

                           1625 Post Street, San Francisco

        Time:         April 19, 2014        15:30-17:30